Multi-Physics Model Validation Workshop

Workshop on Multi-Physics Model Validation
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
June 27 – June 29, 2017
Hunt Library: 4106
Hosted by North Carolina State University (NCSU)

The Nuclear Energy Knowledge and Validation Center (NEKVaC), INL-DOE in cooperation with the OECD/NEA Expert Group of Multi-physics Experiments, Benchmarks, and Validation (EGMPEBV), and with the support of Nuclear University Consortium (NUC), INL is conducting a Workshop on Multi-Physics Model Validation.

The workshop is hosted by the Nuclear Engineering Department (NED) at North Carolina State University (NCSU), and is supported by corresponding focus areas in the DOE Consortium for Advanced LWR Simulation (CASL), the DOE Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS), and similar international activities.

The workshop is organized and conducted by Profs. N. Dinh, M. Avramova, and K. Ivanov with the support of lecturers from academia, national labs, industry and research organizations in USA and abroad. The targeted audience are professionals from industry, regulation, national laboratories and government agencies as well as graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and faculty from universities.

This workshop will provide participants with understanding and knowledge of state-of-the-art concepts, principles, procedures, and challenges for validation of traditional and novel multi-physics modeling and simulation tools.

There will be no registration fee; coffee break refreshments and lunches will be provided as well as one dinner/social reception.

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Download the PDF file Multi-Physics_Model_Validation_NCSU_2017_final.