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The Department of Nuclear Engineering occupies 38,000 square feet in Burlington Engineering Laboratories, including the PULSTAR reactor and its associated labs and facilities. Through the Nuclear Reactor Program Center (NRP), the reactor is used for student instruction and research, reactor operator training for nuclear utilities, and as a service facility for other university and industrial organizations.

Excellence in teaching and research are regarded as the major responsibilities of the nuclear engineering faculty. Research groups are generally small, allowing ample opportunity for each graduate student to maintain close and informal association with the faculty. The research interests of the faculty cover a number of the areas of importance to the development of nuclear energy, including fission, fusion and radiation physics.


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Research Thrust Areas


Nuclear Power Design and Safety Analysis

Faculty: Maria Avramova, Yousry AzmyIgor Bolotnov, Nam Dinh, Joseph Doster, John Gilligan, Ayman Hawari, Robert HayesJason Hou, Kostadin Ivanov, Scott Palmtag

Radiation Science and Engineering

Faculty: Yousry Azmy, Jacob Eapen, Ayman Hawari, Robert Hayes, John Mattingly, Korukonda Murty, Ge Yang

Plasma Science and Engineering

Faculty: Mohamed Bourham, John Gilligan, Steven Shannon, Katharina Stapelmann

Nuclear Materials, Waste Forms and Storage

Faculty: Mohamed BourhamJacob Eapen, Ayman Hawari, Robert Hayes, Korukonda MurtyDjamel Kaoumi, Steven Shannon

 Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation

Faculty: Yousry Azmy, Ayman Hawari, Robert Hayes, John Mattingly 

Nuclear Computational Science

 Faculty: Dmitriy Anistratov, Maria Avramova, Yousry Azmy, Igor Bolotnov, Nam Dinh, Joseph Doster, Jacob Eapen, Ayman Hawari, Robert Hayes, Jason Hou, Kostadin Ivanov, Scott PalmtagJohn Mattingly