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Mon 26
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Join us for the 2021 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Virtual Student Conference – April 8-10, 2021
Theme: Enlighten, Embrace & Empower
Enlighten ourselves of our past, present and future innovations
Embrace our role in learning and communicating
Empower others both inside and outside the nuclear community about our nuclear world
Volunteers are needed for the areas of finance, technical sessions and logistics. Please contact us with any questions and information regarding the conference —

Organizing Committee Chair: Ishita Trivedi, itrived@ncsu.edu
Conference Email Address: ANS2021StudentConference@ncsu.edu 


NC State Nuclear Engineering has a unique history.

We are home to the 1st nuclear engineering curriculum & non-governmental research reactor.

And we’re currently ranked 3rd by the US News & World Report.


Our Expertise is Diverse

Major Focus Area


Crosscutting/Application Areas

Why Nuclear Engineering at NC State?

Degree Offerings


  • B.S. Nuclear Engineering
  • Minor in Nuclear Engineering
  • Minor in Health Physics


  • Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Program
  • Master of Nuclear Engineering (MNE) & Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (MS)
  • PhD in Nuclear Engineering

Online Degrees

  • Master of Nuclear Engineering (MNE)


Got Questions? Need Answers?

Frequently asked questions page for graduate students
Contact Lisa Marshall, Director of Outreach with other questions


Broaden Your World

Student Organizations: Students can choose from our department organizations or other College of Engineering student organizations to network and learn outside the classroom.

Co-op Experience: Engineering students can gain hands-on job experience while pursuing their degrees, and get paid for it, through the Cooperative Education Program.

Study Abroad: Engineering is a global enterprise. Many employers are looking for graduates with second languages and international exposure. Study abroad can make that happen.



Donations help the NE department evolve and keep pace with the latest technology, while giving our students the skills, global awareness and sense of responsibility they need to make a difference in the world. Consider supporting the department today. Follow our Give Now link to donate to the Nuclear Engineering Enhancement Fund.