Nuclear Engineering Professors Receive Promotion, Tenure

Nuclear Engineering professor, Dr. Steven Shannon, has been promoted to Full Professor of Nuclear Engineering. Dr. Shannon earned his Ph.D from University of Michigan. He works in the area of industrial applications of plasma discharges. His research focuses on enhancing current plasma applications being used and developed today and developing new plasma applications for next generation material and device fabrication.He currently leads the 4th State Application Research Group (4-STAR) at NC State.

Nuclear Engineering professor, Dr. Maria Avramova, has been promoted to Tenured Associate Professor. Dr. Avramova received her Ph.D from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Avramova’s research areas include reactor thermal-hydraulics; core design; transient and safety analysis; multi-physics and multi-scale simulations; verification and validation; and uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. Dr. Avramova is the Director of Consortium for Nuclear Power and is also the Director of Reactor Dynamics and Fuel Modeling Group (RDFMG) and serves as the coordinator of CTF User’s Group.