Steven Shannon

Professor of Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Steve Shannon works in the area of industrial applications of plasma discharges. Plasmas are currently used for everything from decorative enhancement of bathroom fixtures to fabrication of the next generation of micro- and nano- scale devices. Plasma systems for industrial applications is a multi-billion dollar industry. His research focuses on enhancing current plasma applications being used and developed today and developing new plasma applications for next generation material and device fabrication.


Ph.D. 1999

Nuclear Engineering

University of Michigan

M.S.E. 1997

Nuclear Engineering

University of Michigan

B.S.E. 1995

Nuclear Engineering

University of Michigan

Research Description

Dr. Shannon's research is in the industrial applications of plasma discharges.


Complex transients in power modulated inductively-coupled chlorine plasmas
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Doppler-free, Stark broadened profiles at low plasma densities in helium
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Measurement of localized plasma perturbation with hairpin resonator probes
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Time-Resolved Electron Density Measurement Characterization of E–H-Modes for Inductively Coupled Plasma Instabilities
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High resolution magnetic field measurements in hydrogen and helium plasmas using active laser spectroscopy
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Driving frequency fluctuations in pulsed capacitively coupled plasmas
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Electron neutral collision frequency measurement with the hairpin resonator probe
Peterson, D. J., Kraus, P., Chua, T. C., Larson, L., & Shannon, S. C. (2017), Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 26(9), 095002.
IEDF distortion and resolution considerations for RFEA operation at high voltages
Talley, M. L., Shannon, S., Chen, L., & Verboncoeur, J. P. (2017), Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 26(12), 125001.
Size Dependence of Nanoscale Wear of Silicon Carbide
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A temporally and spatially resolved electron density diagnostic method for the edge plasma based on Stark broadening
Zafar, A., Martin, E. H., Shannon, S. C., Isler, R. C., & Caughman, J. B. O. (2016), Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(11), 11E505.

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Fabrication of Plasma Source for Chitosan Depyrogenation
National Institutes of Health (NIH)(5/01/18 - 8/31/20)
Multi-Frequency Harmonic Drive for Enhanced Control in HAR Processes, CPLAM Core Project
Plasma-Therm(6/01/18 - 5/31/19)
Collaborative Research: SI2-SSE: An open source multi-physics platform to advance fundamental understanding of plasma physics and enable impactful application of plasma systems
National Science Foundation (NSF)(9/01/17 - 8/31/20)
Reactor Design and Effectiveness of Design in Depyrogenation Processes using Karamedica Data.
Karamedica Inc.(2/15/17 - 9/30/17)
Construction and Characterization of a Pulsed Gas Delivery System to Elucidate Plasma Response to Time Varying Gas Composition
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.(1/23/17 - 3/31/18)
Samsung Mechatronics Research Division Directed Research in Low Temperature Plasma Science
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. - Korea(5/01/16 - 11/30/20)
Turbulent MHD flow modeling in annular linear induction pumps with validation experiments
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(10/01/16 - 9/30/20)
International Experiences for Students in Plasma Science: Student Travel Support to Attend the 2016 Gaseous Electronics Conference
National Science Foundation (NSF)(9/01/16 - 2/28/17)
Ion energy measurement in industrial plasma reactors
Tokyo Electron America, Inc.(1/01/16 - 8/31/18)
Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Lasers and Plasmas for Advanced Manufacturing (CLPAM), Full Membership
Plasma-Therm(1/01/15 - 12/31/15)