Nuclear Engineering faculty promoted and tenured in 2023-24

Congratulations to our NC State University Department of Nuclear Engineering faculty who were among the 107-faculty recognized for their achievements.

Promoted faculty –

Djamel Kaoumi is now a full professor of nuclear engineering. His research interests revolve around developing a mechanistic understanding of microstructure property relationships in nuclear materials, with an emphasis on microstructure evolution under harsh environment (i.e., irradiation, high temperature, and mechanical stress) and how it can impact the macroscopic properties and performance.

Ge Yang is now a full professor of nuclear engineering. His research interests have revolved around the opportunities at the intersection of nuclear engineering, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering. Special emphasis is placed on developing new materials and devices for improving radiation detection and imaging technologies, which are widely needed in medical imaging, nuclear energy, nonproliferation, nuclear security, industrial process monitoring, environmental safety survey and remediation, astronomical observation instrumentation and high energy physics R&D.

Tenured faculty –

Katharina Stapelmann is now an associate professor of nuclear engineering. Her research interests revolve around the interactions of technical plasmas with biological systems on a macromolecular level. Her focus is on the characterization and optimization of plasma discharges used for biomedical applications and the understanding and improvement of plasmas used e.g., in medicine.

“NC State’s faculty continually go above and beyond in their scholarship, service and innovation in higher education,” said Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Warwick Arden. “They fulfill the university’s land-grant mission with excellence and provide a platform by which we can address society’s biggest challenges and make an impact on our community within and beyond campus walls.”

Promoted and tenured faculty in all disciplines play an integral role in advancing NC State’s mission and vision, and in achieving the university’s strategic goals to better serve fellow faculty, staff, students, and the greater community.See full story/engineering faculty list here