Crozier to give webinar as Innovations in Nuclear Energy R&D Student Competition Winners

from ANS announcement, February 6, 2024

The Innovations in Nuclear Energy Research & Development Student Competition (INSC) recognizes published graduate and undergraduate students. Through the award process, the INSC provides winning students with opportunities to present their published work to the broader nuclear energy community. This webinar serves as an opportunity for students who were unable to present at the ANS Winter Conference to show their work to a wider audience.

The webinar features the following three presentations:

  • “Developing Waste Forms for Transuranic Elements: Quaternary Neptunium Fluorides of the Type NaxMNp6F30 (M = Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Al, Ga)” by Travis Deason.

  • “Effect of N2- and CO2-containing shielding gases on composition modification and carbonitride precipitation in wire arc additive manufactured grade 91 steel” by Theresa Mary Green.

  • “Thermal Scattering Law for Structure-Dependent-Doppler Broadening in FLASSH” by Jonathan Crozier.

Register here for the February 21, 2:00-3:00 pm ET webinar.

Jonathan Crozier placed 2nd in the U.S. DOE NEUP Innovations in Nuclear R&D Student Open Competition. His work investigates the ”Thermal Scattering Law for Structure-Dependent-Doppler Broadening in FLASSH”. Currently, Jonathan is working on his doctoral degree in nuclear engineering at NC State University. He is embedding artificial intelligence to predict thermal scattering effects on-the-fly for higher-fidelity multiphysics reactor calculations. His adviser is Dr. Ayman Hawari. Degrees completed include a Master of Nuclear Engineering (2021) and a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering, minor in Physics (2020).