Yang named Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Congratulations to Dr. Ge Yang, Professor of Nuclear Engineering at North Carolina State University. He has been named Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). This prestigious designation is presented to senior scientists/professionals whose invaluable experience, expertise and commitment promote the value of chemical science.

The mission of RSC is to advance excellence in the chemical sciences since 1841 when 77 scientists – including doctors, academics, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs – formed the Chemical Society of London, with dialysis inventor Thomas Graham as their first President. Seven years later Queen Victoria granted a Royal Charter to the Society, confirming its purpose of “the general advancement of Chemical Science”.

After 175 years RSC’s mission is just as relevant and valid as an internationally renowned not-for-profit publishing and knowledge business, and a reputation as an influential champion for the chemical sciences.

Yang’s research interests focus on the intersection of nuclear engineering, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering. Special emphasis is placed on developing new materials and devices for improving radiation detection and imaging technologies, which are widely needed in medical imaging, nuclear energy, nonproliferation, nuclear security, industrial process monitoring, environmental safety survey and remediation, astronomical observation instrumentation and high energy physics R&D. Dr. Yang is also interested in investigating radiation effects in electronic, optical and structural materials and developing radiation-resistant materials. All of these topics are investigated using both theory and experimental techniques.