NC State Nuclear Engineering Faculty Expand International Cooperation with South Africa in Education, Research and Innovation

The NC State University (NCSU) Nuclear Engineering faculty and research staff are visiting South Africa from March 17 to March 25, 2023 to expand the existing international cooperation with nuclear power industry, regulation, national laboratory and nuclear engineering programs in South Africa. The NCSU delegation includes РProf. Ivanov (Department Head of Nuclear Engineering), Prof. Avramova (Director of the Consortium for Nuclear Power), Dr. Abarca (Senior Research Scholar), Dr. Rouxelin (Senior Research Scholar), and Dr. Delipei (Research Scholar). The visit includes:

  • One-week training course on nuclear reactor safety analysis at University of Pretoria hosted by the Center for Nuclear Safety and Security at the South African National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) (
  • Meeting on review and continuation of collaboration research and education program between the Nuclear Engineering Department, NCSU and NECSA (the South African national laboratory –
  • Visit to North West University (NWU) ( to start education and research collaboration and participate in regional hub for Small Modular Reactor studies.