NC State Nuclear Engineering Alumna and Entergy Nuclear Engineer in Lisa Meitner Program

Entergy article written & published as
“Entergy Nuclear engineer accepted into International Atomic Energy Agency program”

Shana Johnson, an Entergy Nuclear engineer for Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station, has been accepted into the International Atomic Energy Agency Lise Meitner Programme from a pool of world-wide applicants.

“It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit two national labs with my cohorts from around the world,” said Johnson.

She will be visiting Idaho National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory for a week each through the fully funded program.

“Shana is an outgoing and hardworking engineer who is passionate about nuclear advocacy and outreach,” said Kerry Gaston, one of Johnson’s managers in risk engineering at Entergy Nuclear. “With her personality, she will take this opportunity to learn about leadership and bring her findings back to Entergy to jumpstart her career.”

The program, named for a scientist and established on International Women’s Day this year, is for women who are early to mid-career in the nuclear engineering profession seeking to advance their technical and soft skills. The group, consisting of 10 to 15 women in nuclear, will be focusing on leadership and networking skills through seminars with global experts in the field as well as conducting tests and modelling using software simulators at the labs.

She was chosen for the program through an extensive application, recommendation and interview process.

Johnson graduated from North Carolina University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering and a minor in creative writing, which she chose to utilize her technical and creative skills. While earning her degree, she worked an engineering co-op with Dominion Energy. Since graduating, she has worked with Entergy Nuclear in her current position.

“I was really hoping to get into the program because I have been growing a lot in my position even though I am so early in my career,” Johnson said. “Since I work in a small group at Entergy, I’m so excited to be around women who are going through a similar part of life as I am with the same interests.”

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