NC State’s nuclear engineering students win 2019-20 American Nuclear Society scholarships

Congratulations to our students for attaining national-level scholarships from the American Nuclear Society (ANS). These awards are given to students who exhibit academic excellence and outstanding achievements in the field of nuclear science and engineering.

Undergraduate recipients include,

Sophomore Scholarships: Hayden Bland & Abby Davis

John R. Lamarsh Memorial Scholarship: Noah M. Higgins

Fusion Energy Division Dr. Kenneth R. Schultz Undergraduate Scholarship: Conor J. Perks

Rudy Stamm’ler Undergraduate Reactor Physics Scholarship: Jonathan Crozier

Graduate recipients include,

Verne R. Dapp Memorial Scholarship: Thomas H. Folk

Ely M. Gelbard Graduate Scholarship: Colby Sorrell

Michael J. Lineberry Graduate Scholarship: Samuel J. Cope