Sherry Bailey, J. Michael Doster, Mohamed Bourham, Stefanie Keto, and Kostadin Ivanov

Two Nuclear Engineering Staff Members Honored for their Nominations for the NC State University Awards for Excellence.

Two Nuclear Engineering Department staff members, Sherry Bailey and Stefanie Keto, were recently honored for their nomination for the NC State University Awards for Excellence. The NC State University Awards for Excellence recognizes the meritorious accomplishments and contributions of individual employees. It is the most prestigious honor bestowed upon non-faculty employees. This year only 12 staff members from the College of Engineering were designated with the honor.

Sherry’s nomination was in the Spirit of North Carolina category.  Sherry has been involved with the NE Department since 2010 when she organized the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges Summit for the College of Engineering. During her tenure in the department, Sherry has developed workshops, seminars, recruitment tools, educational resources, and programming to influence the future of nuclear energy.  She currently serves as the Program Manager for the CASL Education Program and a Program Developer for the US DOE Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP).  Sherry also maintains the Nuclear Science and Engineering Education Sourcebook, an international guide used among faculty, students, industry and government agencies.

Sixteen student have been awarded national fellowships with Sherry’s mentoring as the Nuclear Graduate Fellowship Advisor.  In this role, she continues to foster positive relationships with the graduate students throughout their graduate careers. Sherry also executes the annual meeting of the Nuclear Engineering Department Advisory Council, which includes national leaders in nuclear research and industry.  Sherry’s support is one of the main factors that has led to the department’s international success and reverence.

Stefanie has served as the Nuclear Engineering Business Officer for since April 2017. During that time, she has made quite an impression in her role and was nominated in the Customer Service Category. Stefanie strives to provide outstanding customer service to her department. She has been an NCSU employee since August of 2010 working in multiple departments including the Textile Library, Hunt Library, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and then the Dean’s Office.  Stefanie uses all this experience to cultivate creativity and innovative planning to help facilitate the workflow of the department. She developed a system called ‘Easy Flow Techniques’ to support faculty, grad students, and postdocs.  Stefanie also developed tools to easily identify the necessary paperwork for graduate students and postdocs. She has worked extensive hours during peak times of high volume proposal submittals. Stefanie strives to foster excellence in customer service to the Nuclear Engineering students, staff, and faculty. Her work and dedication is a major factor leading to the department functioning smoothly.

The Nuclear Engineering Department congratulates both Sherry and Stefanie on this impressive achievement!