Best Student Papers awarded to NC State Nuclear Engineering Students at the Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty International Conference

Nathan with his Award

Congratulations to group member, Nathan Porter,  for 1st best student paper award. Dr. Maria Avramova serves as faculty adviser to Nathan who is supported by the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL).

Porter, V. Mousseau, M. Avramova, “Quantified Validation with Uncertainty Analysis for Turbulent Single Phase Friction Model”

The objective of the Conference is to provide a forum to exchange experience and views among professionals in the nuclear industry in the development and use of Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty (BEPU) methods in safety analyses and design of nuclear installations. The Conference addresses a broader spectrum of methods (in respect to the past when the focus was primarily on thermal-hydraulic system codes) and also include reactor physics, fuel performance, severe accidents, fission product transport and chemistry and dispersion.