The research in the ARTISANS group revolves around uncertainty quantification (UQ) and scientific machine learning (SciML). The goal is to combine SciML, experimentation and modeling & simulation (M&S) into a unified approach to improve the predictive capabilities of computer models and enable reduced reliance on expensive measurement data. Additionally, the application of such research will be focused on risk and economics evaluations of advanced nuclear reactors, such as small modular reactors and micro-reactors. The ultimate goal is to dramatically reduce the capital and operating costs of nuclear systems to maintain global technology leadership for nuclear energy.

Our main research interests include: (1) calibration, validation, data assimilation, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis; (2) computational statistics, reduced order modeling; (3) Bayesian inverse problems; (4) scientific machine learning and deep generative learning; (5) system thermal-hydraulics, nuclear fuel performance modeling, multi-physics coupled simulation; (6) advanced reactors, small modular reactors, micro-reactors.

Recent News

  • Congratulations Mahmoud!
    Mahmoud’s paper titled “Fast and Accurate Reduced-Order Modeling of a MOOSE-based Additive Manufacturing Model with Operator Learning” has been accepted for publication by the International … Read more
  • Welcome Sofiia and Julianna
    The ARTISANS group welcomes two new undergraduate researchers, Sofiia Asadchykh and Julianna White. Both Sofiia and Julianna are sophomores at NCSU Department of Nuclear Engineering.
  • Alie Akins nominated as rising star!
    Alie participated in the inaugural Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Global Forum Rising Stars Workshop in Nuclear Education, Science, … Read more
  • Dr. Wu visits Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Dr. Wu visited the Los Alamos National Laboratory as part of the DOE NNSA Consortium of Nuclear Forensics.
  • NURETH-20 International Meeting
    Dr. Wu, Ziyu, Mahmoud and Farah attended the 20th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-20) at Washington, D.C. Six papers were presented.
  • M&C 2023 International Conference
    Dr. Wu, Ziyu, Mahmoud and Chris attended the International Conference on Mathematics and Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science and Engineering (M&C 2023) at Niagara … Read more
  • Alie receives a Feature Paper in Energies
    Alie’s first journal article entitled “Anomaly Detection in Liquid Sodium Cold Trap Operation with Multisensory Data Fusion Using Long Short-Term Memory Autoencoder” is selected as … Read more
  • Chris defends MS thesis
    Chris defended his MS thesis, with the title “Criticality Safety Analysis of a Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger for Molten Salt Reactors”.
  • Alie wins the 2023 NC State Sustainability Student Award
    Alie’s wins the 2023 NC State Sustainability Student Award for her contributions to the NCSU Office of Sustainability and her research in the pursuit of … Read more

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