NE 290 Introduction to Health Physics:
Fundamentals of ionizing radiation safety. The course will review basic physical principles, radiation sources, introductory radiation dosimetry, radiation safety guidelines, evaluation of safety measures, and basic radiation control principles for contamination and radioactive material safety.

Prerequisites: PY202 or PY208 (or equivalent).

NE 520 Radiation and Reactor Fundamentals:
Basics of nuclear physics and reactor physics that are needed for graduate studies in nuclear engineering. Concepts covered include, atomic and nuclear models, nuclear reactions, nuclear fission, radioactive decay, radiation detection, neutron interactions, nuclear reactors, neutron diffusion in non-multiplying and multiplying systems, and basic nuclear reactor kinetics.

Prerequisite: MA 341 and PY 208.

NE 531 Nuclear Waste Management:
Scientific and engineering aspects of nuclear waste management. Management of spent fuel, high-level waste, uranium mill tailings, low-level waste and decommissioning wastes. Fundamental processes and governing equations for the evaluation of waste management systems with emphasis on the safety assessment of waste disposal facilities. Regulations and policy issues.

Prerequisite: MA 341.