Nuclear Assay Laboratory


 Bladewerx Integrated Counter:


The Bladewerx Sabre ISC contains a solid state alpha detector combined with an integrated PC user interface that allows for high-sensitivity alpha spectroscopy.

Ortec Phoswich:


The Ortec Phoswich is a dual phosphor scintillator detector that is a standard type of benchtop counter for applications such as air filters or smears.  The detector has a touch screen interface as well as a coupled PC DUO software.

Triathler Liquid Scintillation Counter:


The Hidex Triathler LSC is a compact, single-sample counter for alpha, beta, luminescence, and optional gamma applications. The Triathler includes features such as spectrum analysis using a MCA, Hidex Control Software for PC pairing, instant DPM results, and single-photon luminescence counting.

 Polyvinyl Toluene Detector:


The polyvinyl toluene (PVT) detector consists of a plastic scintillator (doped polyvinyl toluene crystal) and a photomultiplier tube. This detector comes with the typical advantages of an organic detector.

Ortect HPGe Gamma Spectrometer:


The Micro-trans-SPEC Ultra Light from Ortec is a liquid-nitrogen free, portable, high purity germanium spectrometer.  The HPGe is a semiconductor type detector that is mainly used for gamma spectroscopy and x-ray spectroscopy.

F&J Air Samplers:


The F&J Air samplers (75 & 40 L) are rugged, lightweight emergency response air sampling systems for periodic or continuous monitoring of radioactivity in the air.  The air samplers are used in conjunction with various detection suites in the Nuclear Assay laboratory.

Proportional Gas Detector:


The proportional gas counter is a gaseous ionization detector used to measure particles of ionizing radiation.  It can be used to measure energy of incident energy by way of producing an output that is proportional to the radiation’s energy. Mostly used for quantifying alpha and beta detection.

Radeye Sx:


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Radeye Sx is a ruggedized multipurpose handheld personal radiation detector. Coupled with a general purpose DP6 dual phosphor αβ probe, the Radeye can be used for general surveying and frisking.


Retrospective Dosimetry Laboratory


Landauer MicroStar ii Medical Dosimeter:


The Landauer system is a medical dosimetry system that utilizes optically stimulated luminescence with Landauers nanoDot dosimeters to provide dose verification and dose measurement.  The MicroStar and nanoDot dosimeters are used as independent verifiers during other experiments.

RISO thermoluminescence and optically stimulated reader:


The Risø system is a multisample spectrometer that consists of a light detection system (photomultiplier tube and detection filters), thermal and optical luminescence systems, and finally on site irradiation using various sources.   The TL/OSL then has a controller which manages the hardware, PMT preamplifier, etc and links to a PC.  The resulting measurements are integral to research in retrospective dosimetry.

Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer:


The Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer (EPR) utilizes weak electromagnetic radiation and strong magnetic fields to create a spectrum that is used to characterize the material and look for defects in that material due to radiation exposure. The EPR spectrometer is a key facet to retrospective dosimetry research.

Material processing station: 


The Retrospective Dosimetry lab contains various instruments for materials processing during retrospective dose research. As seen above, those instruments include a coring drill for masonry, material separation, IsoMet diamond wafering saw, and various benchtop furnaces and desiccators.



Typical laboratory oscilloscope that can be used for visible results from detection suites such as a gas proportional detector and general lab equipment.  Further research aims to look at electrical properties of materials exposed to radiation and analyze frequency response.

Zeiss microscope:


A typical optical microscope equipped with a camera with the function of imaging material samples in order to extrapolate information from their structure.

Mettler Toledo balance:


The Mettler Toledo XS is an modern weighing system that provides accurate measurement of samples in the RDNA labs.