Nuclear Simulation Laboratory

GPWR simulator

The recently renovated Nuclear Simulation Laboratory is equipped with GSE‘s Generic Pressurizer Water Reactor (GPWR) simulator to support nuclear power related educational curriculum as well as analytical studies.

GSE’s GPWR is based upon a reference US nuclear plant that has been in operation and training for over 20 years. The GPWR reference simulator has been built and tested to the American Nuclear Society ANSI/ANS 3.5 Nuclear Simulator Standard. The reference plant simulator and training programs have been rigorously audited by the US NRC and INPO to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards. The GPWR includes high fidelity models that allow full plant operation including Normal Operations, Abnormal Operations and Emergency Operations as required by ANS-3.5 and the simulator response has been validated against actual operating plant data.

As a full nuclear simulator, it allows for the entire range of operations experienced in a commercial nuclear power plant. The simulator has been integrated into NE 201 and NE 403 to assist students in understanding reactor systems and processes needed for normal and emergency operations.

UNID interface

IFE’s UNID system enables students to monitor the state of your plant through a number of innovative displays designed to provide information on plant systems. The plant parameters are displayed using unique visual indicators that allow students to quickly identify changing conditions in the plant.

Trilink 3D visualization program

We have been working with Trilink Systems on developing computer 3D visualization capability aiming to enhance the interpretation of simulation results, especially for transient analyses. Currently, the visualization program can load, process, and visualize selected thermal-hydraulics parameters (liquid temperature, gas temperature, void fraction, pressure, and enthalpy) on a 3D model of the Reactor Coolant System (RCS). It allows students to interactively observe and analyze time-dependent variables obtained in almost any transient scenarios that the simulator is capable of simulating.