Lisa Marshall

Director of Outreach, Retention & Engagement - Lecturer - Adviser

Educational Outreach Director, Consortium for Nonproliferation Enabling Capabilities (CNEC)

Lecturer, NC State College of Engineering, “Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving” (first year students)
Lecturer, NC State Summer Study Abroad in Engineering, STS & International Relations, “Geographies of Energy”
(rising sophomore, junior & senior students; China, Puerto Rico & others under development)
Program Director & Lecturer, NC State Nuclear Engineering Spring Break Research Experience
Program Director & Lecturer, NC State Young Investigators’ Summer Program in Nuclear Engineering
(high school rising juniors & seniors as well as graduating seniors)
Program Director & LecturerScience Teachers’ Workshop in Nuclear Engineering

Select On-Campus Roles…

Chair, NC State’s Association for Women Faculty (AWF)
Vice-Chair, NC State Sigma Xi Society, a scientific research society
Working Advisory Council, NC State’s Women in Science & Engineering
Committee Member, NC State Fellowship Advising Office
Faculty Mentor, NC State Global Perspective Certificate Program & Grand Challenges Scholars Program

Select Off-Campus Roles…

2020-2023 Committee Member (nominated), American Association of Geographers (AAG) Enhancing Diversity Committee
2017-20 Board of Directors’ Member
, American Nuclear Society
2020- ANS External Affairs Committee Member (former chair, ANS Communications Committee)
2019- ANS Development Committee Member
2019- ANS Radiation Rapid Response Team Member
Program Chair, ANS Education Training, Workforce & Development Division (past division chair)
Vice Chair, Diversity & Inclusion in ANS (DIA)
Nuclear Engineering Board of Advisers, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Region II Communications Committee Member, US Women in Nuclear
Reviewer, National, Regional & University Fellowship & Scholarship Committees
Peer Reviewer, Journal for Women & Minorities in Technology (2019- )
Advisory Review Panel Member, US Department of Energy, Harnessed Atom (STEM curriculum for teachers & students)
Reviewer, ANS

Upcoming Conference Roles…

Technical Committee Member, 2021 ANS Conference on Nuclear Training and Education (CONTE) Biennial International Forum (2017-present)

Adviser, 2021 ANS National Student Conference

Student Committee Chair, 2021 ANS M&C: International Conference on Mathematics & Computational Methods

Early Career Program Committee, SMiRT 25 (Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology, 2019)

Organizing Committee, 2019 American Society of Engineering Education – Southeastern Conference (ASEE)

Select Papers/Conferences…

Marshall, Lisa (2021) “Gender equity and reduced inequality – experiences, initiatives and best practice of the member universities” at University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) Conference, Wollongong, Australia (panelist)

Marshall, Lisa (2020). “Geographies of Energy – a course in socio-technical decision making” in Nuclear Technology Special Issue (under review)

Marshall, Lisa. (2019). “Energy Geographies: a course in socio-technical decision making”  at the Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), International Workshop on the Nuclear Social Science Nexus: challenges & opportunities for speaking across the disciplinary divide. (invited presentation)

Marshall, Lisa (2019) “Graduate School 101” at American Nuclear Society –Student Conferences (annually since 2013, workshop organizer & presenter)

Marshall, Lisa. “Nuclear Energy: Technical Overview & Global Implications” at Global Issues Seminar on Energy, Office of International Affairs, NC State University, Raleigh NC, December 2015 (presentation & moderator)



Geography (Energy Studies)

UNC - Chapel Hill

Graduate Certificate

Geospatial Information Science

NC State University

Research Description

Engineering education; energy studies; geospatial information science (GIS); science policy; strategic enrollment management (SEM; undergraduate & graduate) Honors and Awards 2020 Engineering Champion for Women Award 2019 NC State Outstanding Engagement Award 2008 ANS Landis Public Communications & Education Award 2006 NC State College of Engineering Award for Excellence