Florian M. Laggner

Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering

  • +1 (919) 51 33603
  • Burlington Laboratory 3152

Dr. Laggner received his Ph.D. degree from TU Wien in 2017, studying the inter-edge-localized mode (ELM) evolution of the pedestal structure at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. He joined the Plasma Control Group at Princeton University as a Post-Doctoral Researcher, to implement a real-time Thomson scattering diagnostic at National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade and the Large Helical Device. In 2019, he transitioned to the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, to install a prototype Lyman-α diagnostic called LLAMA at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility, which enables the measurement of edge neutral density profiles. In 2022, Dr. Laggner joined NC State Nuclear Engineering as Assistant Professor, establishing the FPAC LAB.

Dr. Laggner, an APS Career mentoring fellow, has been an advisor and a mentor for numerous students at undergraduate and graduate level, guiding research projects and training the next generation of scientists and engineers.


Ph.D. 2017

Technical Sciences

Technische Universität Wien

M.S. 2013

Technical Physics

Technische Universität Wien

B.S. 2011

Technical Physics

Technische Universität Wien

Research Description

Dr. Laggner is working on high temperature plasmas in magnetic confinement fusion devices, called tokamaks. He is an expert in plasma edge physics and plasma diagnostics. His research focuses on the H-mode pedestal with a particular emphasis on the pedestal profile structure, its stability and the ionization source of neutral particles that enter the confined plasma. Moreover, Dr. Laggner is interested in developing and characterizing technological solutions for auxiliary systems such as plasma diagnostics that can sustain the harsh environment of a fusion pilot plant.


DIII-D research advancing the physics basis for optimizing the tokamak approach to fusion energy
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Details of the neutral energy distribution and ionization source using spectrally resolved Balmer-alpha measurements on DIII-D
Haskey, S. R., Grierson, B. A., Stagner, L., Chrystal, C., Bortolon, A., & Laggner, F. M. (2022), Review of Scientific Instruments. https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0101854
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Progress from ASDEX Upgrade experiments in preparing the physics basis of ITER operation and DEMO scenario development
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