Bernard Wehring

Research Professor of Nuclear Engineering

  • 919-515-4599
  • Burlington Laboratory 2124


Solid deuterium surface degradation at ultracold neutron sources
Anghel, A., Bailey, T. L., Bison, G., Blau, B., Broussard, L. J., Clayton, S. M., … Zsigmond, G. (2018), GENERAL THORACIC AND CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY, 54(8).
Ultracold neutron source at the PULSTAR reactor: Engineering design and cryogenic testing
Korobkina, E., Medlin, G., Wehring, B., Hawari, A. I., Huffman, P., Young, A. R., … Palmquist, G. (2014), Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research. Section A, Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors, and Associated Equipment, 767, 169–175.
First measurement of the neutron beta asymmetry with ultracold neutrons
Pattie, R. W., Anaya, J., Back, H. O., Boissevain, J. G., Bowles, T. J., Broussard, L. J., … Hoedl, S. A. (2009), Physical Review Letters, 102(1).
An ultracold neutron source at the NC State University PULSTAR reactor
Korobkina, E., Wehring, B. W., Hawari, A. I., Young, A. R., Huffman, P., Golub, R., … Palmquist, G. (2007), Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 579(1), 530–533.
Production of UCN by downscattering in superfluid He-4
Korobkina, E., Golub, R., Wehring, B. W., & Young, A. R. (2002), Physics Letters. A, 301(5-6), 462–469.

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Methodology Development for Cybersecurity Robustness and Vulnerability Assessment of University Research Reactors: A Case Study Using the PULSATR Reactor
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(10/01/15 - 9/30/18)
Collaborative Research: Beta-Decay Angular Correlation Measurements with Cold and Ultracold Neutrons
National Science Foundation (NSF)(8/01/13 - 7/31/17)
Beta-Decay Measurements with Ultracold Neutrons
National Science Foundation (NSF)(9/15/10 - 8/31/15)
The UCNA experiment: Measuring Angular Correlations in Neutron Decay using Ultracold Neutrons
National Science Foundation (NSF)(7/01/07 - 12/31/10)
A Measurement of the Beta-Asymmetry of the Neutron Utilizing Ultracold Neutrons
National Science Foundation (NSF)(8/15/04 - 7/31/08)
A Superthermal Source at NC State University
National Science Foundation (NSF)(7/01/04 - 6/30/10)