The Seventh International Workshop on Plasma for Cancer Treatment (IWPCT 2020)

The Seventh International Workshop on Plasma for Cancer Treatment (IWPCT 2020) will be held at North Carolina State University (NCSU) in Raleigh, NC, USA, pending rescheduling.  Researchers from all over the world will attend to discuss their latest developments for cancer plasma therapy. Dr. Katharina Stapelmann, Assistant Professor in the Nuclear Engineering Department, is leading the organization of this collective gathering of the global players in this area of research in Raleigh.

The workshop promotes not only innovation in the field of plasma medicine but also effective cooperation between research and industry in this innovative discipline. The outcome of this collaborative meeting will work to benefit cancer patients everywhere.

Scope of the workshop

The topics covered by the Workshop are the following:

  • Plasma sources and plasma equipment used for cancer treatment;
  • Plasma-cancer interactions: experiments, modeling and simulation;
  • Destruction of cancer cells by plasma;
  • Mechanisms of plasma selectivity towards cancer cells;
  • Plasma-liquid interaction / plasma chemistry in biological liquids / plasma activated media for cancer treatment;
  • Clinical and animal studies of cancer treatment by plasma.

In the past decade, plasma medicine researchers from various countries reported successful tests showing that cold plasmas and media activated by cold plasma can destroy cancerous cells in vitro and in vivo. The early successes led to the establishment of a workshop entirely dedicated to the application of cold plasma to cancer therapy.  The International Workshop on Plasma for Cancer Treatment (IWPCT) is managed by an International Scientific Committee (ISC), which has 14 members representing the various disciplines of plasma medicine, including plasma physics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and medicine. The first edition of IWPCT was co-organized in March 2014 by M. Laroussi (Old Dominion University) and M. Keidar (George Washington University).

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