DATE: Monday 12/11 – Thursday 12/14
TIMES: 8:30 am – 4:30 p.m. (1 hour break for lunch)
LOCATION: Tompkins G125 where table top access to outlets is provided so extension cords will not be needed for students.

Monday: Introduction (a.m.), MCNP Basics (p.m.)
Tuesday: Data/Physics (a.m.), Sources (p.m.)
Wednesday: Tallies (a.m.), Variance Reduction (p.m.)
Thursday: Criticality (a.m.), Miscellaneous material (p.m.)

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Questions: Dr. Rob Hayes,

This workshop is only open to students who currently have an MCNP license or can obtain one within the next month. The license is obtained through RSICC and will require registration (see below)  but must be done ASAP in hopes it will be processed in time for class registration.

Students who currently hold an MCNP license will be able to participate and register now and  this does include those who only have a license to use it on the cluster (the later students can also participate but must bring a laptop which will allow access to the cluster while on campus).

Students who do not currently hold a license to run MCNP must request an MCNP6 license ASAP through RSICC after registering at (recommended only obtain the executable version of MCNP6.1/MCNP5/MCNPX).

All students are expected to arrive with MCNP currently loaded on their laptop and ready to go (or with access to the cluster via their license). Students having a final during the first few days are expected to leave for their final and so are welcome to come and go as need be to facilitate their academic requirements.

The course will not be recorded nor telecast and so will only be available on-site to registered students. Seating is limited to the first 25 licensed registrants on a first come, first served basis.

Graduate students need to check with their advisors prior to assuming they will be allowed to take the entire week for this training.