Our Alumni

Our graduates enter the work force equipped with the knowledge to help them succeed in their new professions. Many of them also try to maintain the relationships they have forged with the Department. This helps build a professional relationship that goes beyond their educational career and well into their professional one.

We have generations of families that come to NC State, knowing that the education they get is one of the best and most affordable. Our alumni go on to be recognized for their outstanding achievements, our Distinguished Alumni are proof that our program is still going strong.


Alumni News and Events

NC State’s Nuclear Engineering Department held its 1st Annual Homecoming Open House & Lunch on Friday, October 28. Alumni represented most decades, dating back to the 1950s.

They were treated to departmental highlights by Dr. Azmy, facility tours that included the PULSTAR research reactor along with the simulator, thermo-hydraulics & plasma labs. They also interacted with a student panel of current undergraduate and graduate students (Jasmin Al Saeid, Logan Sit, Matt Zimmer & Jonathan Coburn). The luncheon allowed alumni to informally chat with faculty and staff.

Where will you donations be used?

Funds will support various departmental initiatives. Examples include,

  • Outreach activities
  • Space upgrades
  • Weekly seminars, senior design projects

Contact Lisa Marshall, Director of Outreach, Retention & Engagement or Mario Milev, Assistant Director for Graduate Student Activities for more information.