2020 ANS Conference Volunteer/Interest Contacts

Now that NC State’s American Nuclear Society chapter has won the bid to host the 2020 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Student Conference in Raleigh NC, there will be on-going planning and preparation in order to host an excellent conference.

Volunteers and leaders are needed for both the planning committee and the conference itself. Areas in need of support include: Finance, Sessions, and Logistics.

Please contact the following committee members for any questions and information regarding the conference planning committee and volunteering.

ANS President: Brandon Hunter
Email: bjhunter@ncsu.edu

Graduate Co-Chair (Conference Committee): Ishita Trivedi
Email: itrived@ncsu.edu

Undergraduate Co-Chair (Conference Committee): Jonathan Crozier
Email: jpcrozie@ncsu.edu

Official Conference email: ANS2020StudentConference@ncsu.edu

The theme is Enlighten Embrace & Empower.

Enlighten ourselves of our past, present and future innovations. Embrace our role in learning and communicating. Empower others both inside and outside the nuclear community about our nuclear world.

Are you interested in participating or assisting? Please click here.


Save the date, March 26-28, 2020.