Internet Reactor Laboratory

Internet Reactor Laboratories are available to external academic institutions who wish to utilize the PULSTAR in demonstrating nuclear reactor operations and kinetics for their students. This capability enriches academic programs at universities without research reactors of their own, and may be used to expand the educational opportunities for nuclear engineering students throughout the United States and internationally.

PULSTAR Virtual Console (via NetSuite Data Acq. Software)
PULSTAR Virtual Console (via NetSuite Data Acq. Software)

Distance learning laboratory participants are able to interact with PULSTAR reactor facility personnel through direct video and audio communication links, and have the ability to direct remote control cameras in the reactor control room. An online data acquisition system (see NetSuite Virtual Console graphic above) is utilized to provide real time visualization of the reactor operating parameters, and for collecting experimental data.

Georgia Tech remote site
Georgia Tech remote site
PULSTAR Control Room: video-teleconferencing camera view.
PULSTAR Control Room: video-teleconferencing camera view.

Example Labs

Examples of laboratories that may be provided include:

  • Introduction to Reactor Systems
  • Normal Reactor Startup and Power Operations
  • 1/M Approach to Criticality
  • Control Rod Calibration
  • Axial Flux Distribution Measurement
  • Power Defect Coefficient Measurement
  • Heat Balance Power Calibration

Required Equipment

In order to access Internet Reactor Laboratories, the participating institution would be required to install the following equipment and software:

A. Video Tele-Conferencing Equipment:

  • Standard Video Conferencing System – such as Polycom HDX 6000.
  • Large format display with speakers (e.g. flat panel TV) suitable for classroom viewing.
  • Broadband internet connection – preferably hardwired.

B. NetSuite Data Acquisition Software:

  • Pentium processor, 350 MHz or faster.
  • 64 Megabytes installed memory.
  • 450 Megabytes free disk space.
  • CD ROM drive.
  • VGA video monitor and adapter – preferably a large format display suitable for classroom viewing.
  • Ethernet interface card.
  • Broadband internet connection – preferably wired.
  • MS Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 or higher.
  • MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Please contact the Manager of Nuclear Services if you are interested in learning more about running Internet Reactor Laboratories at your institution.