Student presentations and awards from the 2023 APS-GEC Conference


Congratulations to NC State nuclear engineering students for their presentations and showing at the 2023 American Physical Society – Gaseous Electronics Conference. APS-GEC was held at the Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI.

Nicholas Sponsel (PhD student) was a GEC Student Excellence Award Finalist and María Herrera Quesada (PhD student) won one of the three poster prizes.


Investigating microwave plasmas utilizing MOOSE framework
Corey DeChant, Casey Icenhour, Nafisa Tabassum, Steven Shannon, Sathya Ganta, Kallol Bera, Abdullah Zafar, David Peterson

Atmospheric Air Plasma Treatment of Plastics
A Goodin, RZ Walker, J Foster, S Shannon

Global modeling of AR-CF4 plasma chemistry in a dielectric barrier discharge
MS. Hossain, N. Bhatt, S Shannon, A. Lietz

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment of Surfaces with Obstacles: Controlling RONS and Photon Fluxes
K. Konina, J. Polito, J. Morsell, S. Shannon, M. Kushner

Estimation of mean electron energy in helium surface ionization waves on dielectric substrates
J. Morsell, K. Konina, M. Kushner, S. Shannon

Relating atmospheric pressure plasma production of nitrate to electrical parameters
C. Robinson, N. Sponsel, K Stapelmann

Surface charge dynamics at the liquid/gas phase boundary of an argon bubble in water at varying conductivities (GEC Student Excellence Award Finalist Presentation)
N. Sponsel, S. Gershman, K. Pattison, J. Mast, K. Stapelmann

Atomic oxygen densities in the gas and liquid phase: utilizing ps-and fs-TALIF to interrogate the transport of O from the gas into the liquid phase
K. Stapelmann, B. Myers, M. Herrera Quesada, E. Barnat, A. Dogariu

Characterization of Microwave Plasma Using Langmuir Probe and Imaging Techniques
N. Tabassum, C. DeChant, A. Zafar, D. Peterson, K. Ford, B. Alvarez, P. Kraus, S. Shannon

Atmospheric pressure plasma surface modification of polymer powders in liquid
R.Z. Walker, A. Goodin, S. Shannon, J. Foster


Characterization of Ozone Density and Reactive Species Production within Liquid Solutions for a Microsecond-Pulsed Power Supply
J. Thomas, D. Trosan, M. Cain, K. Stapelmann

Imaging Measurements of the Spatial Distributions of OH, H₂O₂, and HO₂ in the Effluent of the COST Reference Source (one of 3 GEC Poster Prizes)
M. Herrera Quesada, S. Pfaff, J. Frank, K. Stapelmann

Optimization of Flexible Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge Electrodes for the Purpose of In-Package Deactivation of Fresh Produce
D. Trosan, P. Walther, S. Mclaughlin, D. Tammineni, J. Thomas, D. Salvi, A. Mazzeo, K. Stapelmann