Semester seminar series kickoff

We launched another year of research seminars with presentations from students –

  • Alina Jugan, undergraduate student, spoke on the “Use of optical gas analysis to determine helium detection limits for the ITER DRGA prototype”. Her work was conducted at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Spencer Ercanbrack, PhD student, spoke on the “ARDP BANR core design”, His work was conducted at BWXT.
  • Charles Cheron, PhD student, spoke on two projects – “CTF nuclear code and participation in the HERA M&S exercise”, and “The ANCKVIPRE code”. His work was conducted at Westinghouse.
  • Khang Nguyen, PhD student, spoke on “Modeling of the Advanced Test Reactor Using OpenMC, Cubit and Griffin”. His work was conducted at Idaho National Laboratory.