NCSU Participation at NURETH-20 Conference

Dr. Nam Dinh presenting a keynote speech.

NCSU’s Department of Nuclear Engineering took a leading role in the recently held event, sponsoring the event and demonstrating substantial engagement both in the proceedings and the event’s organization.

Professor Bolotnov played a pivotal role as a co-chair for the technical program during the meeting, as well as overseeing the computational thermal hydraulics track. Adding to the academic discourse, Professor Dinh delivered a keynote speech titled “Data-Driven Methods in Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics and Reactor Safety: Challenges and Opportunities.” Furthermore, Professor Dinh took on the responsibility of co-chairing a panel discussion centered on the theme of “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.”

The event saw significant involvement in the technical program, featuring a total of 16 presentations authored in collaboration between NCSU students and faculty members. Notably, a paper authored by Paridhi Athe, Nam Dinh, and Abhinav Gupta garnered special recognition as it was chosen to receive the esteemed “Best Paper Award.”

This event marked a significant milestone as the first in-person NURETH meeting since the 2019 NURETH-18 conference held in Portland, Oregon. It is noteworthy that the preceding NURETH-19 gathering took place virtually and was hosted from Belgium.