Students attend Convocation 2021 at the Court of North Carolina. Chancellor Woodson spoke and the band played and taught the students NC State songs. Photo by Marc Hall

What does NC State Nuclear Engineering have to offer? We’re glad you asked

As we welcome the class of 2025, we also welcome prospective undergraduate & graduate students closer look at us. You too can embark on this educational journey, joining a world-class discipline and department.
Nuclear Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that takes you in many directions all with the goal of making society better through contributions to energy, medicine, IT, agriculture, space exploration, non-proliferation, and homeland security, to name a few.

We, here at NC State Nuclear Engineering, have a long tradition of firsts and contemporary contributions –

  • The 1st university to have a nuclear engineering curriculum and a non-governmental research reactor.
  • We are the highest ranked engineering department, and the US News & World Report ranks our graduate program 3rd in the nation.
  • And since they do not rank undergraduate programs, but faculty and facilities are shared, consider the undergraduate program top ranked.

Twenty-four tenure/tenure-track faculty members guide the teaching and research in the department. Our breadth and depth of subject matter include,

  • reactor systems engineering
  • radiation interactions & detection
  • plasma science and engineering,

nuclear fuel & materials

As well as crosscutting/application areas in

  • modeling & simulation
  • nuclear waste management
  • nuclear security and non-proliferation
  • nuclear reactor program
  • health physics

On behalf of current students, staff, and faculty, welcome to NC State Nuclear, your future academic home for a bachelor, master and/or doctoral degree!

Lisa Marshall, Director of Outreach, Retention & Engagement