Two best paper awards at the 2021 American Nuclear Society Student Conference

Congratulations to Chaitee Godbole and Natalie Coon on their best paper awards during the recent American Nuclear Society (ANS) Student Conference.

Chaitee Godbole (NCSU), Takanori Kajihara (TAMU), and Jared Magnusson (UCLA) won under the Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology category with the paper entitled “Neutronic Analysis of the Submersion-Subcritical Safe Space (S4) Reactor using Reduced Enrichment Uranium Fuel”.

Natalie Coon (NCSU), Robert B. Hayes (NCSU), and Modeste Tchakoua Tchouaso (MS&T) won under the Detection and Measurement category with the paper entitled “Verification of Radiation Doses Estimated with Watches Using Commercial Dosimeters”.

Chaitee’s internship adviser for this research project was Dr. J. Stephen Herring, Director of the Idaho National Laboratory Center for Space Nuclear Research, and adjunct professor of nuclear engineering at North Carolina State University. She is a 2nd year doctoral student advised by Dr. Maria Avramova. Natalie is a first-year student, and conducts research work with faculty mentor, Dr. Robert Hayes.

The 2021 student conference was hosted by the ANS Student Chapter at North Carolina State University and its theme was Enlighten, Embrace, Empower. Due to COVID-19, this conference was held virtually and saw record participation, 588 registrants. Student conferences are hosted annually by an ANS Student Chapter, the 2022 conference will be hosted by the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign.