NC State Nuclear Engineering now offers a Health Physics Graduate Certificate

Open to graduate students and working professionals, the Health Physics Graduate Certificate is an opportunity to stand out.

“The practice of health physics overlaps certain aspects of nuclear engineering but focuses on radiological protection and radiation safety. It gives students or working professionals an opportunity to further advance their careers and it nicely compliments the new undergraduate minor in health physics”.

Dr. Robert Hayes, associate professor of nuclear engineering & coordinator for the program

Health physics, the science of radiation protection, is the profession devoted to protecting people and environment from potential radiation dangers, while making it possible to enjoy the beneficial applications in medicine, industry, and research and development (R&D). Students will enroll in four in-person or online classes, from a roster of six options, providing industry-needed skill sets in health physics.

NC State’s online master’s program in nuclear engineering (MNE) is ranked 1st by Best College Reviews –

“Our choice for the best online master’s in nuclear engineering program, North Carolina State University’s option is a 30-credit hour offering designed for students who already hold an undergraduate degree in engineering. The curriculum includes courses such as Radiation and Reactor Fundamentals, Radiation Safety and Shielding, Nuclear Fuel Cycles, and Nuclear Materials. A master’s supervised research project is also required and is conducted under faculty mentorship. NC State’s nuclear reactor program is the first of its kind in the nation, solidifying this program’s place as the best of the best nuclear engineering master’s programs online.”

Interested in the certificate, contact Dr. Hayes directly.