Lockhart participated in Washington DC Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation

Madeline Lockhart, NC State PhD student, took part in the 2021 Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation (1st row, 2nd from left). This year’s policy statement included –

  • continued funding of and investment in the future of the nuclear workforce
  • prompt actions to achieve clean energy production and a strong nuclear infrastructure
  • continued funding and modernized licensing of advanced reactor development
  • action towards a permanent disposal facility for used nuclear fuel

Every year, a team of nuclear science & engineering students head to Washington, D.C. to discuss issues with key policy makers. Topics include nuclear energy, non-proliferation, national security, health physics, and environmental science and policy, education, and research.

Past NC State participants have included Joseph Orellana, Eva Brayfindley, Eric Terpening, Jason Andrus, Tyler Schweitzer, Gary Zeigler, and Lisa Morgan.