Thought leaders on capacity factors and nuclear power

Nuclear News reached out to leaders in the nuclear community to ask them for their views on the capacity benefits that come from nuclear. We received wide-ranging responses, from how capacity factors provide examples of the excellence of nuclear professionals, to the work being done at universities to continually improve capacity factors, to the importance of adding the word “inherent” to the conversation because forms of energy are different from one another and so inherent capacity factor is a critical piece of understanding.

Read what Sherry Bernhoft (EPRI), Joel Eves (City of Lehi, UT), Margaret Harding (4 Factor Consulting), Jessica Lovering Carnegie Mellon University Energy Growth Hub), Peter Lyons (ANS Board), Lisa Marshall (NC State Nuclear Engineering), Craig Piercy (ANS), Edward (Ted) Quinn (Technology Resource), Kelly Rae (Energy Northwest), Randy T. Simmons (Strata Policy), Samuel Thernstrom (Energy Innovation Reform Project), Doug True & Dan Yurman  (NeutronBytes blog) had to say – click here.

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This article first appeared in the May 2020 issue of Nuclear News.