Our Condolences & Commitment

Our condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery and others who are victims of racism/hate. These recent and longstanding killings of Blacks in America along with hate filled comments and actions are saddening and angering.

We must speak out and defeat racism in all its forms. NC State Department of Nuclear Engineering commits to further actions that diversifies, includes, and brings equitable measures to the discipline.

The Department stands with Chancellor Randy Woodson and Vice Provost Sheri Schwab on action to make this scholarly environment safe, welcoming and just.

Dr. Louis Martin-Vega, NC State College of Engineering Dean, has asked and we will move on these action items –

“… I urge every person in our College of Engineering…faculty, staff and students alike…to make it our highest priority to work as hard as we can to better understand the unfair realities and bias that are part of the daily life and experiences of our black and underrepresented minority brothers and sisters.

Understanding that actions speak much louder than words, I have also asked all our Department and Unit Heads to commit themselves in even greater and more purposeful ways to the sustained recruitment and retention of a much more diverse faculty and staff. If we really want a more “diverse and inclusive” college, this is how we make it happen, and if we really want to create greater understanding and greater empathy for all in our College…then this is how we can make it happen. I am also now even more firmly convinced that we will never be the College of Engineering that we can and should aspire to be unless we can make this happen.”

We are listening, we are acting and we are purposeful transforming this Department.

Dr. Kostadin Ivanov, Professor & Department Head
Dr. Ayman Hawari, Distinguished Professor & Director of Nuclear Reactor Program
Dr. Steven Shannon, Professor & Director of Graduate Program
Dr. J. Michael Doster, Professor & Director of Undergraduate Program
Ms. Lisa Marshall, Director of Outreach, Retention & Engagement, Lecturer & Adviser