NC State’s Nuclear Engineering Graduate Program Ranked #3

The US News & World Report published their annual rankings of best colleges. By discipline, NC State’s Nuclear Engineering Graduate Program is now #3, up from #4 in 2018.

Continuing a tradition of excellence, the department has 19 tenured and tenure-track faculty members and conducts research in:

  • Nuclear power design & safety analysis
  • Nuclear security & nonproliferation
  • Plasma science & engineering
  • Nuclear materials, waste forms & storage
  • Nuclear computational science
  • Radiation science & engineering

Searches are underway for two additional faculty members.

The 2018-19 graduate and undergraduate student populations are 111 & 130 respectively. And most recently the U.S. Department of Energy recognized NC State’s Nuclear Engineering students with 8 scholarships and 3 fellowships through the Integrated University Program.

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