Envisioning research contest winners offer glimpses of discovery

Matt Shipman  

Whether it’s a photograph of a newborn alligator or an electron micrograph that captures the details of plant life, researchers use images to not only learn more about the world around us but to help viewers engage with the work of discovery.

The winners of this year’s Envisioning Research contest highlight the sheer scope of the work being done at NC State to expand our understanding of, well, everything. The works recognized here address research being done in fields from chemical engineering and plant biology to architecture, linguistics and physics.

The contest is a collaborative effort by NC State’s Office of Research and Innovation, the Graduate School, the NC State University Libraries, and University Communications and Marketing. Envisioning Research was open to faculty, staff, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and undergraduates.

Congratulations to Matthew Zimmer for first place for “A Bubble Becomes Bubbles” in the graphics & data Visualization category.

This post was originally published in NC State News