NCSU is Part of a Winning EFRC Team

The Department of Energy’s Office of Basic Energy Science has announced the new Energy Frontier Research Centers: 100M$ funding 42 EFRC’s (  EFRCs are funded for four years between $2M and $4M annually and will help accelerate scientific understanding in diverse energy related fields including catalysts, electro and photo-chemistry, geoscience, quantum materials and nuclear and synthesis.

NCSU’s Nuclear Engineering department is part of the winning team led by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) under Dr. Blas Uberuaga’s direction. The center will work on “Fundamental Understanding of Transport Under Reactor Extremes (FUTURE)”  with the goal to understand the coupling between radiation damage and corrosion and predict irradiation-assisted corrosion in passivating and non-passivating environments for materials in nuclear energy systems.

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