NE Dinner Table at the Equity for Women Awards

Lisa Marshall Nominated for Equity for Women Awards

Lisa Marshall, Director of Nuclear Outreach, Retention & Engagement, was nominated for the ‘Equity for Women Awards’ sponsored by NC State’s Council on the Status of Women. This award is made annually to recognize outstanding leadership in establishing equity for women at NC State University. Nominations are solicited from all members of the campus community, including faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners.

Marshall has a long commitment to higher education and community equity initiatives and Dr. Robert Hayes, Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering, wanted to highlight her work. Before joining NC State’s Department of Nuclear Engineering, she served as a member of Carleton University’s Presidential Advisory Committee on the Status of Women and their Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Rights. She served on the board of the Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) and the board of Interval House, a women’s shelter. Lisa is a former chair of NC State’s Council on the Status of Women. And more recently, she is the chair for the Professional Women of the American Nuclear Society (PWANS).

An advocate for gender equity, she leads by example. She serves as mentor, following in the path of her own mentors, Drs. Jill Vickers (Carleton University) & Mohamed Bourham (NC State University), to pay it forward. She advocates for diversity of thought and a place at the table. A former student said –

“On top of advocating for my academic involvement, Lisa went above and beyond to ensure my well-being was taken care of, as well. She has helped me navigate everything; from solving day-to-day troubles to some of the toughest periods of my life, my mother’s and grandfather’s cancer diagnosis and my grandmother’s sudden passing. Lisa did everything in her power to ensure my success, be it with a hug, coffee, or contacting various campus offices on my behalf…”

At the annual Sisterhood Dinner, nominees were acknowledged. A record number of attendees enjoyed the “Speaking Truth through Our Stories” theme and the keynote address by Many Carter from the National Black Justice Coalition and the Southerners on New Ground.

NC State Council on the Status of Women is charged with advising the Provost on matters related to the professional development and support of all NC State women on and off campus, including faculty, staff and students. Specifically, the Council is charged with reviewing annually and reporting to the Provost on the following matters:

  • advice related to the enhancement of an atmosphere that supports and promotes realizing the potential of all NC State women on and off campus;
  • advice related to policy matters pertaining to women, including policies related to employment, salary equity and career mobility of faculty and staff, and to academic performance of students. In particular the Council should carefully review the equity of all NC State salaries on and off campus;
  • advice related to women’s programs and campus activities that have an impact on NC State women on and off campus; and,
  • advice related to campus networks for information, communication and cooperation on issues, women’s needs and opportunities for field faculty and staff and employees off campus.