CNEC’s 2017 Workshop/Advisory Board Meeting, February 6-7


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Monday, February 6, 2017

07:30 Talley- Currituck-Hatteras Ballroom Continental Breakfast/Registration
08:00 Talley- Currituck-Hatteras Ballroom Opening remarks, NNSA Representative


08:30 CNEC Accomplishments  – Prof. John Mattingly, NCSU – CNEC Technical Director


Signatures and Observables (S&O) Overview – Prof. Clair Sullivan, UIUC – S&O Leader


Geographical Weighting Methods to Improve the Probability of Detection in Urban Source Search – Karl Roth*, UIUC
09:25 Toward Intelligent Detectors: Machine Learning Methods for Enhancing Detection and Identification of Sources – Prof. Miltos Alamaniotis, Purdue
09:45 Break
10:00 Simulation, Analysis, and Modeling (SAM) Overview – Prof. John Mattingly, NCSU – SAM Leader
10:15 Bayesian Metropolis Methods for Radiation Source Localization – Jason Hite*, NCSU
10:35 Optimization of Radiation Sensor Networks for an Urban Source Search – Prof. Ralph Smith, NCSU
10:55 CNEC Research Projects at North Carolina A&T State University  – Prof. Abdellah Ahmidouch, NCA&T
11:15 A Residual-based A Posteriori Estimator of the Spatial Approximation Error for Discrete Ordinates Solutions of the Transport Equation – Nate Hart*, NCSU
11:35 Computational Performance Optimization Techniques for the Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Transport in Urban Environments – Prof. Brian Kiedrowski, Michigan
11:55 Lunch
12:55 Data Fusion and Analytic Techniques (DFAT) Overview – Prof. Alyson Wilson, NCSU – DFAT Leader
13:10 Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Atomic Structural Disorder – Dr. Karl Pazdernik, NCSU
13:30 Mining and Analysis of Fraudulent Patterns in Digital Currency Networks – Stephen Ranshous*, NCSU
13:50 Hyper-Features of Tweets: Unbiasing Tweets for Enhancing Fusion  – Kenneth Tran*, NCSU
14:10 CNEC’s Engagement in Cross-Disciplinary Research and Education: Nuclear Nonproliferation Science and Policy – Prof. William Boettcher, NCSU
14:30 An evaluation of the strategic utility and proliferation risk of reactor-grade plutonium – Prof. Robert J. Reardon, NCSU
14:50 Open Discussion (Student poster session setup)
15:20 Break
15:30 Park Alumni Center Student Poster Session and Reception
17:00 Adjourn – Student Poster Presentations
17:30 Park Alumni Center Group Workshop Dinner (hosted)


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

08:00 Talley- Mountain Ballroom Continental Breakfast
08:30 Replacement of Dangerous Radiological Sources (RDRS) – Prof. William L. Dunn, KSU – RDRS Leader
08:45 Extension of the Monte Carlo Library Least-Squares (MCLLS) Approach to the Nuclear Oil Well Logging (EcoScope) Concept – Prof. Robin Gardner, NCSU
09:05 An experimental facility to validate prompt gamma neutron activation analyses of oil-well logging down-hole simulations – Prof. William L. Dunn, KSU
09:25 CNEC Neutron and Gamma-Ray Sensor Work – Dr. Canek Fuentes Hernandez, Georgia Tech
09:45 DAF Experiment Campaigns in 2015 and 2016, and Plans for 2017 – Prof. John Mattingly, NCSU
10:05 Break
10:25 CNEC Laboratory Representatives:

Dr. Jeffrey Favorite – LANL

Dr. Stephan Friedrich – LLNL

Dr. Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson & Dr. Robert Brigantic – PNNL

Dr. David Williams – ORNL

11:05 Outreach Programs – Lisa Marshall, Outreach Director & Bernadette Kirk, CNEC Consultant, Kirk Nuclear Information Services
11:25 Lunch
12:30 Talley- Room 3210 AB closed session – Internal discussion and compilation of recommendations
14:30 Talley- Room 4280 Presentation of AB recommendations (CNEC PIs and Sponsor)
15:30 Open Discussion of AB recommendations (CNEC PIs and Sponsor)
16:30 Adjourn