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The 67th GEC will be hosted by North Carolina State University.  NCSU is one of the leading educational and research universities in the United States, and home to numerous groups focused on plasma science and plasma application.  This presence is further strengthened by nearby Duke University and the University of North Carolina; the three universities forming the science and technology hub known as the Research Triangle, home to industry giants  and high tech start-ups, many of which were launched out of NCSU. 

For 66 years, the GEC has been an invaluable resource to the plasma and collision community, and continues to have a leadership presence in traditional areas such  as plasma phenomena, low pressure processes, plasma chemistry, surface interactions, atomic and molecular interactions, simulation, and diagnostics.  In recent years, the GEC has also taken a leadership role in emerging areas of plasma science including biological and environmental applications and atmospheric plasma systems.

The conference hosts for GEC 2014 are:

Steve Shannon, NCSU

Mohamed Bourham, NCSU

David Coumou, MKS Instruments

John Gilligan, NCSU

Venkateswaran Narayanaswamy, NCSU

Patrick Pedrow, Washington State University

Alexei Savaliev, NCSU

J.P. Sheehan, University of Michigan

Saralyn Stewart, GEC Conference Manager

Brooke Stutzman, US Coast Guard Academy

Leigh Winfrey, Virginia Tech

The GEC executive committee are:

Amy Wendt, chair, University of Wisconsin

Mirko Vukovic, chair-elect, Tokyo Electron

Igor Kaganovich, past secretary, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Steve Shannon, secretary, N.C. State University

Klaus Bartschat, secretary elect, Drake University

Tom Kirchner, treasurer, York University

Jim Lawler, APS-DAMOP, University of Wisconsin

Greg Severn, University of San Diego

Ursel Fantz , Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik

Allison Harris, Illinois State University

Hirotaka Toyoda, Nagoya University

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November 3 - November 7 2014

Raleigh, North Carolina

Marriott City Center and Raleigh Convention Center

Thank you to our supporters:

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