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Professor Paul Turinsky, chief scientist of the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL)

NC State's Nuclear Engineering programs are recognized and respected nationally and internationally, thanks in part to graduates like our distinguished alums. Nuclear engineering faculty are all active in research, bringing their discoveries to the classroom and their students first. Our graduate program for Nuclear Engineering at NC State University is ranked in the top ten by US News & World Report.

Our degrees and programs

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering
Program Focus The ABET Program Educational Objectives of the BS degree in nuclear engineering prepare graduates to:
  • solve nuclear engineering problems and apply the creative process to nuclear engineering design;
  • perform nuclear engineering tasks and understand the professional and ethical responsibility and accountability for the social and environmental impact of nuclear engineering practices;
  • participate in cross-disciplinary projects;
  • apply written and oral communication skills necessary to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences;
  • apply advances in nuclear engineering practice and research; and,
  • continue to learn and be successful in pursuing graduate and professional education opportunities that are available.
Sample Careers Nuclear engineers develop designs for nuclear power plants, apply radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, build alternative energy systems, and develop power systems to fuel satellites and deep space probes.
CODA Change of Degree Audit to declare major Students who complete first-year engineering requirements can apply to CODA into the BS degree program in nuclear engineering.
NE Curriculum
Total Credits Credit hours required to graduate 123
Students Enrolled See NE enrollment data provided by Office of Institutional Research and Analysis
Minor Our department offers a minor in nuclear engineering, typically to students in science, math or engineering majors. The nuclear industry hires graduates who may not have an undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering but have sufficient knowledge in nuclear enginering basics.
Accelerated Tracks Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's (ABM) Program for BS-MS and BS-MNE. The ABM program is open to nuclear engineering majors with a 3.5 overall GPA average and a 3.25 average in science, math and engineering courses. It allows students to complete two degrees in a shorter time. Students are advised on what graduate-level courses to take in their undergraduate senior year; these courses will count for undergraduate and graduate-level graduation requirements. Once enrolled in NE 301, contact Lisa Marshall for paperwork completion.
Jobs and Salary Nuclear Engineers Occupational Outlook and Salary - Bureau of Labor Statistics
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