About the Department

This is an exciting time to join North Carolina State University's Department of Nuclear Engineering. We are the only nuclear engineering program in North Carolina and one of the premier departments in the United States.

Our department has a unique history. It is home to the first university-based nuclear reactor and the world-renowned Nuclear Reactor Program. Thanks to the rich collaboration we share with our industrial, government and alumni partners, our future is certain to be as remarkable as our past.

Students First

As one of the smaller departments in the College of Engineering, interaction between faculty and students is high! Through our degree programs and research, we have increased opportunities for student learning in fission reactor engineering, radiation applications, nuclear materials, computational science, plasma science, radiological engineering and fusion engineering. Nuclear engineering graduates enter a wide spectrum of professions, from medical therapy and imaging to nuclear power production.

We welcome your interest in our department. You will find it a challenging and collegial environment for study, research and innovation.

Our Field, Our Degrees

Nuclear Engineering is a multidisciplinary field engaged in the development, design, deployment and analysis of methods and devices that utilize fundamental nuclear processes. These processes include natural and induced radioactive decay, the splitting of heavy atomic nuclei (fission), and the merging of light nuclei (fusion). Our undergraduate curriculum is multidisciplinary in scope, preparing students to step into industry or continue on to graduate work. In the graduate programs, students work closely with faculty members in research thrust areas. Our programs include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering (BS)
  • Undergraduate Minor in Nuclear Engineering
  • Accelerated Master's in Nuclear Engineering (BS-MS, BS-MNE)
  • Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (MS)
  • Master of Nuclear Engineering (MNE)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Connecting with Alumni

Our students go on to become leaders in their fields, giving back to the department and creating a beneficial cycle of academic and professional success. We are very proud of our many alumni. They will remain part of this department always. Some of our most distinguished alumni have been recognized by the department and the college for their exceptional contributions to NC State.

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